Que puede esperar al quedarse en un centro de aislamiento y cuarentena del Condado de King

Vea este video para que sepa que puede esperar ver al hospedarse en uno de los centros de aislamiento y cuarentena del condado de King. Si necesita un lugar para aislarse o ponerse en cuarentena, le damos la bienvenida.


Originally written by Sharon Bogan on Public Health Insider September marks National Recovery Month, a time to acknowledge the gains made by those in recovery who have faced challenges from mental health or substance use disorders. Many of us have faced these challenges ourselves or know a close friend or family member who has. This…

What to Expect Staying at a King County Isolation and Quarantine Center

King County continues to offer community members a safe place to isolate, quarantine and recover from COVID-19. A new video shows what guests can expect.

Former Metro drivers take on new role as King County Health Ambassadors to slow the spread of COVID-19

Fatigue from months of quarantine and welcome summer weather have spurred an alarming rise in COVID-19 infection rates compared to early Spring, making it more difficult than ever to observe public health guidance to slow the spread of COVID-19. Taking quick action, King County is launching a new COVID Health Ambassador Program next week to…

DCHS Funds Mental Health Training at NAACP Community Event

The NAACP and Public Health Seattle – King County are hosting a free Mental Health Day on Saturday, July 11th. This event aims to help Black communities impacted by intersection of the COVID-19 pandemic and racism of widespread police violence by linking them to mental health resources in-person and online. The Behavioral Health and Recovery…

Metro Connects Communities with Care during COVID-19 Crisis

Metro and MV Transportation worked in partnership with the Department of Community and Human Services and Public Health – Seattle & King County to develop the Transportation Pandemic Response initiative to safely transport some of our community's most vulnerable members to and from King County's isolation and quarantine centers.