Welcome to Cultivating Connections

The Department of Community and Human Services serves King County residents through an incredible network of providers and communities. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce our blog as a way to better connect our network. We’ll share information about the incredible work that teams of County and Provider staff do every day to support, empower and connect King County residents.

Why are we focused on connections? 

Because none of us can do this work alone. Beating systems of poverty, racism, and inequity requires us all to move past models that ask single programs, individuals and organizations to overcome on their own. We must meet systemic challenges with systemic solutions.

The network of service and support that we are building will be made through connection:

  • connecting individuals into teams
  • connecting programs into systems
  • delivering services in ways that leave clients connected to their communities instead of isolated
  • connecting providers so they can collaborate in networks that support them in their work.

What can you expect?

Every week, we’ll highlight programs and services available in the community through our provider networks. We’ll celebrate groundbreakings and housing openings. We’ll share funding alerts and award announcements. And we’ll write about our shared accomplishments and publish our data and performance measures–when they show success and when they point to ways we can improve.

We are all creating a stronger and more resilient community where every person has the opportunity to thrive. Please share your thoughts as we launch this blog. Please also send us your story ideas!

Thank you for all that you do for people throughout King County.


Leo Flor