Getting mobile: A better way to serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence

The Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) has awarded over $6 million to nine organizations to fund advocates to get out in the community to reach survivors of domestic and sexual violence with support where they feel most safe and comfortable.

A new approach to providing support

Mobile Advocacy, an evidence-based trauma-informed approach, prioritizes the comfort and convenience of survivors. Survivors can meet with mobile advocates in the park while their kids play, at a coffee shop or in their home; wherever they are most comfortable.  A type of mid- to long-term support (as opposed to a crisis-response), Mobile Advocacy, is designed to follow survivors across a wide range of needs from the moment they reach out for assistance.

A unique aspect of Mobile Advocacy is its flexibility and survivor-driven approach. Survivors are empowered to lead the process, choose their own goals, and define what is most safe for them. This innovative approach provides far reaching services that are culturally appropriate and sensitive.

A network of mobile advocates

In order to reach a diverse array of survivors the funded programs will create a network of mobile advocates that will meet survivors where they are geographically and culturally. Flexibility allows programs the capacity to provide a tailored combination of services and resources to help survivors improve their safety, health and stability.

Working in partnership with survivors, mobile advocates will robustly support survivors to rebuild control over their lives. Supports can include:

  • emotional support
  • safety planning
  • flexible financial assistance directly to survivors
  • individual case advocacy
  • information and advocacy regarding public benefits, legal issues, medical care, mental health services, financial planning, employment services
  • accompanying survivors to housing, employment and child welfare appointments.

Breaking down barriers

VSHSL Mobile Advocacy funding is designed to support services in communities that have experienced historical barriers to equitable funding and resources, and where services are most needed. Continuing with the VSHSL vision to fund communities, programs and services that may not, have not, or cannot be otherwise funded, our mobile advocacy partners will be serving communities including black, native, indigenous and LGBTQ communities where services may not otherwise exist.

We are excited for our funded partners, through Mobile Advocacy, to provide support to survivors that hasn’t been provided before. Stay tuned for more updates as our partners launch their Mobile Advocacy programs.

For services please contact our funded partners. See below for a list of our Mobile Advocacy partners.

Awarded partners

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