I Imagined a Life

A poem by Jeremy Grove

I Imagined a Life

I imagined a life…
Without needles and veins;
Free from heartache and pain;
All my dreams are attained.
I imagined a life…
With a beautiful home;
And freedom to roam;
Without this pain in my bones.
I imagined a life…
My family could be proud;
Mind no longer full of clouds;
Needs of my heart spoken loud.
So I began to live that life…
One day at a time;
Followed the divine;
Made my body my shrine.
And I began to live that life…
No more putting up a front;
No need to pull stunts;
Placing needs over wants.
I continued living that life…
I can look at my face & not feel disgraced;
Where my children are safe;
Far from all my mistakes.
Now I’m living that life…
Though at times I fall down;
I will always hold my ground;
And be there to rebound.
Now I’m living that life…
Inside there’s nothing I lack;
So I started giving back;
Putting others on that track.
Now that life is my life…
It’s not perfect and grand;
But that’s part of the plan;
Of just being a man.

— 1rst Place 2019 Recovery Month Poetry Contest

Recovery Month Art and Poetry Contests

National Recovery Month, is celebrated every year in September, and the King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division (BHRD) has announced their Recovery Poster Art and Poetry Contest. This year’s theme is “Rising Above it All: Wellness, Resilience, and Recovery”.

The contest is open to adults, youth and family members who are currently participating in King County’s publicly funded behavioral healthcare system or have participated in King County’s publicly funded mental health or substance use treatment system in the past. 

Winners of both the poster art and poetry contests will receive a prize. The winning art piece will be featured as King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division’s 2020 Recovery Poster and the winning poem will be featured in King County publications.

Contact Kathleen Murphy at Kathleen.murphy@kingcounty.gov for a contest entry form and mark your calendar with the submission deadline on Friday, September 18, 2020.

Visit BHRD’s New Recovery Month webpage to learn about other ways to get involved in this year’s Recovery Month activities!