Spreading holiday cheer – and face masks

Greeting shoppers outside local Safeway stores, commuters exiting Metro Transit Stations, voters dropping off ballots, drivers coming through pop-up giveaway events – these are just a few of the places you may have seen King County’s COVID Health Ambassadors! They are out almost every day at locations throughout King County offering face masks and hand sanitizer to support residents in complying with Public Health guidelines for hand hygiene and wearing masks.  

The COVID Health Ambassador program formed in August and they have formed partnerships with local cities, the Safeway Stores network, King County Elections, King County Parks, King County Metro Transit, and a wide range of community groups and organizations. They distribute an average of 30,000 masks a week for individuals and families.

“This is great government. Retaining talent, keeping people employed, and also turning into a community partner trying to impact this pandemic that we’re all fighting against,” said Mario Williams-Sweet, Deputy Director for DCHS’ COVID Emergency Services Group.  

They are all former Metro bus drivers, with a new customer service mission: Helping King County residents stay safe and healthy from COVID-19!  Watch our video to see the ambassadors in action.