Help build stronger nonprofits in King County by participating in the Wage & Benefits survey!

The first survey of the two-part King County Nonprofit Employment Surveys, the Wage & Benefits Survey, is open now until May 2, 2021!

Participation is open to all King County-based and serving nongovernmental, nonprofit entities. One employee from each nonprofit should complete the Wage & Benefits Survey. The employee should be familiar with compensation and benefits such as an Executive Director, Human Resources staff or a Finance Manager. The survey questions will ask about pay levels and benefits. Survey completion time varies depending on the size and structure of an organization.

Take the Wage & Benefits survey now or share the survey link with the appropriate staff member in your organization.

Take the Wage & Benefits survey!

Wage & Benefits Survey

Funded through the King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) and administered by our partner 501 Commons, the surveys will help nonprofit organizations better understand the array of influences – including wages – which contribute to successful employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction in the nonprofit sector.

It is important that organizations of all sizes and types participate in the survey for the resulting information to be as robust and reliable as possible.

Organizations funded by the VSHSL and any of their nonprofit subcontractors funded by the VSHSL, are required to complete the Wage & Benefits survey and the upcoming Employee Engagement survey.

Data gathered through the surveys will be analyzed and offered as a free informational resource that nonprofit leadership teams may utilize to inform evaluation of their operations.

Community Convening session

Join us for a virtual informational meeting on Tuesday, March 9 at 11 am to learn more about the King County Nonprofit Employment Surveys. At the meeting 501 Commons staff will share information about the surveys and answer your questions. Feel free to email Jenny Lundqvist at with your questions in advance or bring your questions to the meeting.

To register for the free informational meeting sign up here. Prior to the meeting Zoom information will be shared by email.

Coming soon – Employee Engagement survey

In addition to the Wage & Benefits survey, part of the King County Nonprofit Employment Survey is an Employee Engagement survey. The Employee Engagement survey will be distributed to nonprofit employees and will ask questions relating to non-wage benefits and other items that contribute to their job satisfaction. This survey will launch on April 22.

Learn more about the King County Nonprofit Employment Survey