Adaptive, Resilient, Responsive: VSHSL in 2020

2020 was a year marked with immense loss and hardship in our King County community. More than ever before, 2020 was a time to pull together – to unite in support of one another. The Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) providers and partners, while faced with unforeseen challenges, did just that. VSHSL’s community partners remained adaptive, responsive and resilient, seizing opportunities and taking immediate action to provide critical services to the levy’s priority populations.

VSHSL in 2020

In its third year, implementation of the VSHSL focused on procuring the vast majority of remaining VSHSL strategies, deepening collaboration with funded programs, and more robustly connecting VSHSL partner organizations with one another. The COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges for in-person program delivery and exacerbated isolation and vulnerability for many King County residents. Despite this the VSHSL reached those in need of services by building on the solid foundation established in the prior two years.

Providers worked with King County staff to adapt programs and program delivery methods to ensure needed services reached residents most in need, while also being responsive to newly emergent needs and priorities due to the pandemic’s impact. Looking forward to 2021, the VSHSL is emerging stronger, as a more connected system of services.

Learn more about the impact of the VSHSL in 2020 by reading our first ever fully digital annual report. The report shares detailed summaries of the programs in the levy’s five result areas, interactive performance measurement and fiscal data dashboards and real stories from community members impacted by VSHSL-funded programs.

2020 Accomplishments

Despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the VSHSL levy community continued to work to support veterans, servicemembers and their families, older adults and their caregivers and the diversity of our resilient communities throughout King County. Here’s a quick look at some key 2020 accomplishments.

Read the full 2020 VSHSL Annual Report.