Federal Way landlord and tenant thankful for King County rental assistance 

EPRAP is processing millions of dollars in rent payments each week to stabilize landlords and tenants across the County

After a round of updates last month, King County’s Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program (EPRAP) is now processing millions of dollars in rent payments each week. More than 4,600 households have received rent payments this year, keeping them safe in their homes.  

Christian and his family represent one of those households. He and his landlord Ilona recently shared their story with KING-5.

Ilona and Christian praised the program. They said representatives with the County were responsive. They worked with one of the community-based agencies to complete paperwork.

Christian and Ilona’s story exemplifies the difference EPRAP is making to stabilize both landlords and tenants across the County, and the help that is available to anyone needing assistance with their application.  Community-based teams are ready to help in-person or on the phone, provide translation services, access to technology, or any one-on-one customized help the tenant or landlord needs.

Christian pre-registered for King County’s program online and was assigned to one of the community-based agencies responsible for helping tenants finish their applications. The team at YouthCare communicated with him in Spanish, and helped him locate and upload documents. Once he finished his portion, they moved to work with Ilona to register her property with the program—the final step.  

Without a computer or internet, the team visited Ilona’s home to collect documents they needed. Then they registered her manually and finished Christian’s application.   

In September, Christian got his application selected from the Tenant Pool, deeming him eligible for payment. YouthCare made one final visit to Ilona’s home with a printed copy of the landlord agreement for her to sign. Ilona received the payment the same week, covering three months back rent and three months forward, which not only helped keep her tenant and family in their home, but also helped pay her mortgage, which she relies on the rental property for. 

Ilona is one of more than a thousand landlords and property owners partnering with the County to help keep tens of thousands of tenants facing financial crisis in their homes by participating in this program.  

“Had it not been for the program and the people that helped us through the process, I don’t know how I’d be sitting right now. I love my house and I love my tenants. His work in carpentry and flooring was impacted because of COVID, and he fell four months behind in rent. My social security doesn’t cover the mortgage, so I rely on the rent. When you can’t pay your rent or your mortgage, you can imagine how stressful that is. I was at a breaking point. I needed help for the first time in my life. Then we found out about this program. He’s paid up now – and the three months advance was a blessing. What this program is doing, it’s fabulous.”-Ilona, Federal Way landlord 

The County is working at full speed to serve the tenants and landlords who are signed up in the program. If you are facing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and need help, it’s not too late to sign up. The process is easy and community-based teams are here, ready to help you with your application. Visit rent-help.kingcounty.gov or call: 206-263-3481 to sign up today.