Funding opportunity: Afghan Resettlement Capacity Building Mini-Grants

Last month,King County Executive Dow Constantine announced a set of investments to support Afghan refugees arriving in King County. King County is investing $500,000 to support emerging needs and ease capacity constraints of community-based organizations and collaborating with community partners to provide temporary housing at a recently purchased hotel, along with language supports and community grants, as part of its efforts to assist with the influx of Afghan refugees in the resettlement process.

King County has pledged to work with local, state, and federal partners and the Afghan-American community to enable Afghans looking for refuge to resettle in King County.

Capacity building mini-grants

$250,000 from the Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) provides one-time grants to community-based organizations who are supporting Afghan resettlement efforts. These grants can be used to support emerging needs and ease capacity constraints so that our community partners can do what they do best.

Organizations are invited to apply for a one-time award of up to $25,000 to support Afghans resettling in King County.

To apply applicants must share:

  • A clear and compelling proposal for providing refugee resettlement services.
  • Their direct or related experience in serving refugee populations including their understanding of the challenges of refugee resettlement.
  • Their understanding of equity and social justice and the ability to provide culturally relevant services.
  • A budget that accounts for the full amount requested and aligns with the applicant’s proposal.

For more information and how to apply.

For questions contact Frank Video Mondays through Thursdays at 206-263-3311 or

Language access mini-grants

$250,000 in Language access mini-grants, administered by DCHS and funded by King County’s Office of Equity and Social Justice’s language access program, will provide language supports such as translation, interpretation and more.

To be eligible to apply for an Afghan Language Access Mini-Grant, applicants must be a single nor-for-profit organization or sponsored by a not-for-profit organization, a single community-based organization, tribe, or tribal organization, or a single public agency serving communities in King County. Coalitions or partnerships are not eligible.

For more information and to apply.

For questions contact Frank Video Mondays through Thursdays at 206-263-3311 or

Apply Now

Applications are accepted starting October 18, 2021 on a continuing basis until all funds are exhausted. The first review date of applications to be awarded will be on or around November 1, 2021 and at least every two weeks thereafter until all funds have been awarded.

Apply now for capacity building mini-grants.

Apply now for language access mini-grants.