Rising to the Challenge: Affordable Housing Committee Progress in 2020

The King County Affordable Housing Committee (AHC or Committee) 2020 annual report was released today, providing a snapshot of regional progress made last year to advance housing affordability solutions. In a year marked by housing instability and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this advisory body of 19 elected, nonprofit, and business leaders marched forward, remaining committed to their goal of eliminating housing cost burden for low-income households in King County.

Last year, the AHC set the foundation for meaningful collective action through the launch of the Regional Affordable Housing Dashboard, which now provides accessible and consistent data on housing affordability conditions throughout King County. The dashboard helps the AHC monitor regional progress by showing what actions have been taken across the region to alleviate cost burden, who is most affected by it, and where there is the most housing need. The 2020 annual report features graphics and text from the dashboard as well other actions steps taken by the Committee and local jurisdictions to implement the December 2018 Regional Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations.

Read the 2020 Affordable Housing Committee Annual Report now to learn more about the region’s progress towards ensuring that everyone in King County has a safe and healthy home they can afford.