Save the Date for King County Promise Request for Proposal (RFP) Release: February 17th

Nearly all jobs that yield a family wage in King County require a postsecondary credential. Young people understand this and want to further their education. But, only 30% of local students complete any kind of college credential by their mid-20s. For students of color, completion rates are even lower. 

To further understand why and to address this disparity, Puget Sound College and Career Network (PSCCN) collaborated with more than 200 young people, educators, and community members to develop the King County Promise (KCP) model. In 2019, after two years of design and advocacy, KCP was named as a PSTAA strategy in King County Motion 15492.  

KCP aims to address educational inequities by supporting young people in King County furthest from educational justice. Students will receive services to support their graduation from high school, transition into college and completion of college. The King County Promise RFP will provide funding to partnerships for: 

  • Advising resources and staff to deliver KCP services  
  • Direct (non-tuition) financial assistance to KCP college students 
  • Staff time for partnership coordination, systems improvement activities, continuous learning and evaluation activities. 

King County Promise RFP Overview 

This King County Promise RFP will fund up to 2 partnerships (Promise Partnerships) of at least two types of the following entities operating in King County:  

  • K12 school districts or high schools 
  • Community and technical colleges (CTCs)   
  • Community-based organizations (CBOs)  

Partnerships containing all 3 entities will be prioritized. These partnerships will support high school students, community college students and Opportunity Youth.  

Services will take place during the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years. Promise Partnerships will be supported by DCHS and PSCCN, the third-party System Supporting Organization with whom DCHS is partnering to carry out this work. Partnerships will collaborate, align strategies and learn together.   

RFP Release Date:  

February 17, 2022  

Amount Available: Up to $3,200,000 in total (individual organization and partnership investment amounts will vary). Partner organizations interested in being funded must submit a joint proposal with a maximum budget of $1,600,000 to serve students during the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years.  Promise Partnerships will have the opportunity to extend their contracts for an additional two school years at the end of the initial funding period. These extensions are not guaranteed and will be based on factors such as performance and funding availability. 

RFP Deadline:  

April 4, 2022 by 2PM  

Information Sessions:  

Attending an information session is optional but strongly encouraged. The content for the sessions will be the same, so attendance at one is sufficient. A session will be recorded and shared for those unable to attend. Sessions will be held on Zoom. 

Information Session 1: Wednesday February 23rd 4-5pm Register Here 

Information Session 2: Monday February 28th 1-2pm Register Here  

Technical Assistance (TA)

TA is available at no cost to applicants. Information on the TA providers and how to contact them will be included in the RFP and in a post on the DCHS blog.  

RFP Questions:  

The RFP Lead is the sole point of contact for this procurement.  All communication regarding the subject matter of this opportunity between the Proposers and DCHS upon release of the RFP must be via the RFP Lead, as follows:   

Andria Howerton- RFP Lead,  

Please include “KCP RFP” in the email subject line. 

Eligibility Checklist:  

This RFP is open to all public high schools/ K-12 school districts, public CTCs, and CBOs operating in King County who are interested in submitting a joint proposal to form a Promise Partnership and implement KCP in partnership with other eligible entities in their service area.  Entities interested in applying to this RFP must:   

  • Commit to working in equitable partnership with other eligible entities (see below for eligible entities) and begin service to students in the 2022-2023 school year.   
  • Form a partnership comprised of at least two of the following entities operating in King County: a public CTC, a public high school/ K-12 school district, and/or a CBO Promise Partnerships that include all three types of these entities and services to Opportunity Youth will be prioritized for funding.  
    • Each CTC and K-12 school district/High School will only be allowed to join a single partnership.   
    • CBOs will be allowed to join multiple partnerships so long as the students being served in each partnership are unique.   
    • CBOs must have non-profit status (501(c)3 organization) or have a fiscal sponsor in order to receive funds from King County.   
    • Existing as well as new coalitions/ partnerships are eligible to apply.   
  • Possess experience providing culturally appropriate and trauma-informed postsecondary access and support services to students in the PSTAA prioritized populations and to students who meet the KCP eligibility criteria.  
  • Possess experience with providing advising, transition, or navigation supports; and/or programming to students that center racial equity and students’ needs. 

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Stay tuned for the release of the RFP on February 17, 2022!