What’s next: The Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy approved by voters

Since 2005, the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) has helped people and families transition to affordable housing, get job training, find employment, access emergency financial assistance, obtain domestic violence advocacy, receive behavioral health treatment, and make connections to critical services. This week, King County voters approved the VSHSL for the fourth time, reaffirming our region’s commitment to ensuring King County’s veterans, seniors, and resilient communities have the supports and resources they need to thrive. 

Thank you to our community partners, human services advocates, and King County residents for supporting the VSHSL, informing the planning that went into the renewal proposal, and sharing how its investments impact our neighbors and friends.   

What’s next  

Here at King County we are excited about the work ahead to implement the renewed VSHSL and to continue delivering services to King County’s communities. Below are a couple of updates on what we are doing to prepare to implement the renewed levy and what partners can expect as the next iteration of the VSHSL begins.  

VSHSL Implementation Plan:  King County is currently drafting the 2024-2029 VSHSL Implementation Plan. The implementation plan is a strategy-by-strategy plan to guide how the 2024-2029 levy proceeds will be spent. The Implementation Plan is due to the King County Council by October 31, 2023. The King County Council will review this plan in various committees, including the Regional Policy Committee, before voting on approval. Once the plan is adopted, King County can move forward with opening funding opportunities to procure new contracts for administering services.   

VSHSL Funding Timeline: The first funding opportunity with the renewed levy will be for application assistance services to support applicants seeking to apply to upcoming funding opportunities (also known as technical assistance and capacity building).  King County plans to post this RFP later this fall—keep an eye out! We intend to start posting additional funding opportunities early in 2024 and plan to stagger them throughout the year. Funding opportunities will be shared on the VSHSL website, Cultivating Connections, and the VSHSL monthly newsletter. To receive notifications sign up for the newsletter at kingcounty.gov/vshsl and the blog at dchsblog.com.  

Thank you for your continued dedication to King County’s veterans, seniors and resilient communities. If you have any questions please reach out to vshsl@kingcounty.gov.