Seeking new members to serve on the Children and Youth Advisory Board PSTAA Subcommittee 

Join a CYAB Subcommittee focused on education needs! 

The Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account (PSTAA) Advisory Subcommittee is requesting applications from volunteers interested in providing guidance to King County on the education needs of King County Youth. Young people (ages 16-24) are provided a $125 stipend for every month of active participation.   

The three investment priorities for PSTAA are: 

  1. Supporting efforts to build or maintain early learning facilities to increase access to quality early education experiences. 
  1. Increasing culturally relevant youth programs provided by the Racial Equity Coalition’s Love & Liberation project
  1. Improving college and career access and support through the implementation of King County Promise

The PSTAA Advisory Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the CYAB. A majority of the group’s members also serve as CYAB members, and the group is currently seeking at-large members.  

In order to fill current representation gaps, this recruitment will prioritize candidates who:  

  • Have lived or professional experience related to children and youth who are homeless; 
  • Have lived or professional experience related to children and youth involved or at risk of involvement with the juvenile justice system; 
  • Have expertise in community development, affordable housing, and real estate development for early learning facilities; 
  • Have expertise in universal design; 
  • Are 16-24 years old; and/or, 
  • Live in King County Council Districts 6 or 9. 

Applications are due September 22, 2023.  

Initial interviews for candidates that best meet the needs for this recruitment will take place the week of October 13, 2023. All candidates will be informed of the result of their application by November 2, 2023. Their term would begin in November and last two years long. 

Application materials are available here.  

Please direct any questions to Hannelore Makhani: 

PSTAA, which was created by the Washington State Legislature and funded through Sound Transit 3, elevates and strengthens existing community-driven strategies for addressing inequities in our education landscape. 

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