What to Expect Staying at a King County Isolation and Quarantine Center

King County continues to offer community members a safe place to isolate, quarantine and recover from COVID-19. A new video shows what guests can expect.

If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and are awaiting a test result or tested positive for COVID-19 and need a comfortable place to stay, King County’s isolation and quarantine centers are here for you.

Having a safe place to isolate or quarantine away from vulnerable family members, group settings or if you don’t have a home, is critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and can also make your recovery more comfortable. King County’s Department of Community and Human Services quickly stood up centers throughout the County at the onset of the pandemic for this reason, and in partnership with Public Health—Seattle & King County, continues to operate and care for our community members who need a place to isolate or quarantine.

To show guests what you can expect during a stay at one of King County’s isolation and quarantine centers, we took a tour and spoke to the team at our Issaquah site about the experience and care they provide.

King County’s isolation and quarantine facilities have served more than 700 people so far and stand ready to serve more residents in our community as the pandemic continues. Isolation and quarantine are important and proven public health practices to prevent the spread of disease, and these facilities are doing just that, saving lives.

Families with children. Individuals. Essential workers. People living in multigenerational households. First responders. Travelers. People experiencing homelessness. If you need a place to isolate or quarantine, we welcome you.

Call the King County COVID-19 Call Center at (206) 477-3977 to see if isolation and quarantine services are right for you.

Visit kingcounty.gov/community-human-services/COVID for more information.