Plumbing problem forces temporary closure of Aurora Isolation and Quarantine site

Guests staying at the Aurora Isolation and Quarantine site were safely transported to the Issaquah location last night when plumbing and sewer problems made it impossible to continue operations there.

Sufficient capacity was available at the isolation and quarantine center in Issaquah on Sept. 24 to welcome the relocated guests from Seattle, who will complete their recovery in East King County.

To ensure sufficient capacity for anyone needing a safe place to rest and recover from COVID-19, King County has moved to temporarily re-open the Kent isolation and quarantine site. The facility on Central Avenue in Kent closed during the summer when the demand for isolation and quarantine decreased thanks to our community’s collective success in reducing transmission rates. The site was left in a ready state, either as a result of a surge in infections or in the event of an emergency restricting use of one of the other sites.

The King County Facilities Management Division is working with the City of Seattle to resolve the issues at the Aurora site, and clean up and repairs are underway. All health care operations are suspended until the work is completed.

Big thanks to Issaquah Mayor Mary Lou Pauly and Kent Mayor Dana Ralph for their swift response to the temporary emergency in North Seattle and helping King County meet the isolation and quarantine needs of residents throughout our region.

Staff will take this opportunity during closure to make a few site improvements before reopening the Aurora site in October.