Thank you for your dedication to ASD and King County

The Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) is lucky to be home to many employees dedicated to serving the King County community. One such employee who we are grateful dedicated her time and talents to DCHS is Scarlett Aldebot-Green, the Director of the Adult Services Division (ASD). Friday July 16th was Scarlett’s last day with DCHS, she will be assuming a critical leadership role in the King County community as the new CEO of Amara.

“Scarlett’s wide-ranging work and leadership in ASD is united by the common thread of a fierce clarity about the importance of equity. Scarlett is also staggeringly prolific in her leadership and work while maintaining excellence and a focus on the people we serve,” shared Leo Flor Director of the Department of Community and Human Services.

During her time at DCHS Scarlett shepherded ASD through critical moments and contributed her leadership to:

  • forming the new Adult Services Division in late 2018
  • overseeing the full deployment of the expanded Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) including new investments in King County’s seniors such as the creation of a new network of senior center hubs
  • successfully expanding legal services to prevent evictions and to protect immigrants and refugees
  • transforming DCHS’ services to support survivors of gender-based violence through survivor-centered Mobile Advocacy and community-led networks of providers
  • and supporting King County’s communities during the COVID-19 pandemic by synchronizing operations of DCHS’ COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine network, created a pop-up food program serving over 25,000 meals to community members in need (watch this video to learn more) and worked with VSHSL’s providers to reimagine programs when the COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges for in-person program delivery and exacerbated isolation and vulnerability for many King County residents. 

All of this was accomplished while advancing operational excellence, equity and maintaining a focus on the people served by DCHS.

DCHS sincerely thanks Scarlett for her tremendous leadership and remarkable impact on King County’s communities.

Learn more about the work of ASD and the VSHSL through Scarlett’s time leading ASD by reading VSHSL’s past annual reports, particularly, the first fully digital report, the 2020 VSHSL Annual report.