Over $82 million rent assistance paid to date to keep individuals and families safely housed

Another $9.4 million went out the doors of the Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program (EPRAP) last week, bringing the new total to $82.7 million so far in 2021. This is in addition to more than $37 million paid to support households throughout King County in 2020.

Community providers and county staff continue to work to accelerate rent payments to local property owners and managers to create housing and financial stability for both landlords and tenants. From January to August, a total of 3,743 households received paid rent. In just over two months, from September 1 to November 7, a total of 3,928 households had their rent paid.

One issue that is delaying several hundred applications is that while the review and approval processes have been completed, the landlord has not yet signed the payment agreement form. Absent this signature, the final step cannot be completed and the rent cannot be paid.  King County and our partners will continue to reach out to landlords to help advance these applications, and we are grateful to the thousands of landlords who have already approved applications.

EPRAP payments since the program began now total over $119 million. Even as payments continue to accelerate, thousands more in our community still need assistance.

Number of Households in the Program (Jan. 1, 2021-Nov. 7, 2021)

  • Households that have applied for rental assistance: 36,521
  • Households that are currently working with or have worked with a community-based organization to receive rental assistance: 27,315
  • Households that have been paid: 7,671
  • Landlords who have received advance funds: 104 large landlord accounts representing over 400 owners and an estimated 7,000 tenants.

Outreach efforts reaching thousands

Thanks to the great work of the community-based agencies, EPRAP is continuing to register and enroll additional households, currently over 1,200 new households every week. Both in-person and virtual events hosted by our partners are bringing people in and, in many cases, begin the enrollment immediately. Fact sheets are available in multiple languages and many of the Outreach and Application Assistance teams and Hub and Spoke agency staff are also available to discuss the program in language. Where that is not possible, EPRAP relies on phone translation services to make itself accessible.

Eviction Prevention is ready to help

In addition to paying rent for eligible households before an eviction can happen, King County is also partnering with the Housing Justice Project to assist households who receive an eviction notice. King County residents who have received a notice of eviction or who seek legal advice related to evictions should call the Housing Justice Project at (206) 267-7069 or visit them online at https://www.kcba.org/For-the-Public/Free-Legal-Assistance/Housing-Justice-Project/Get-Help#41896-how-to-get-help. You can also go to the EPRAP home page.