Important Update on EPRAP Program in King County  

Program Status 
Due to a lack of available funds, the King County Eviction Prevention and Rent Assistance Program (EPRAP) is no longer accepting new applications through the EPRAP registration process as of last night, at 11:59 p.m. King County provided notice of the anticipated closure of the registration process to new applicants on February 14.  

King County’s priority is to process the eight thousand households currently assigned to community-based partner agencies. Then as funding allows, households that have registered will be reviewed for eligibility. King County does not anticipate being able to provide rent assistance to all the households that registered by February 28.  

King County has requested additional funds from the State of Washington and the federal government for the EPRAP program. As funds become available, and if there are enough additional funds, King County will reopen the EPRAP portal and process new applications.  

To see the total amount distributed and who was served by EPRAP, visit our Dashboard.  

Eviction Prevention  
King County provided $13 million to the Housing Justice Project in an effort to pay rent for eligible households in the eviction process.  EPRAP and COVID are layered on top of a long-standing eviction crisis, and we must work together to ensure protections for people facing eviction.  

To contact the Housing Justice Project, call (206) 267-7069 and