Learn About the First Year of Love & Liberation’s Impacts on BIPOC Youth

The Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account (PSTAA) team is proud and excited to share a report highlighting early impacts of Love and Liberation (L&L). L&L is a racial justice initiative focused on self-liberation and systems change to improve outcomes for young people of color.

L&L is implemented by the Racial Equity Coalition (REC), a collaborative of 14 Black, Indigenous, and Community of Color (BIPOC) partner nonprofits that have organized around a common vision of building equitable support services in the education system. L&L has created a coordinated system of youth services focused on positive cultural identity development, or learning about one’s racial/ethnic heritage, history, language use, cultural customs and traditions.

L&L is funded by the Puget Sound Taxpayer Accountability Account (PSTAA) and United Way of King County, who provides facilitation support to the project.

The report is a snapshot of the first year of the initiative and includes quotes from REC organizations as well as a breakdown of the different outcomes that the coalition members are contributing toward, such as helping young people cultivate a positive cultural identity, develop a sense of belonging to their community and learn to advocate for themselves and others. These outcomes represent critical successes in the lives of BIPOC young people in our region.

REC uses participatory funding and participatory research frameworks as they work to develop a model for systems change that can be replicated elsewhere. The report also highlights how L&L’s impact extends beyond its program participants to the larger communities they serve.

Read the full report here.

For questions on this report, please contact DCHSData@KingCounty.gov