King County Department of Community and Human Services Launches Data Dashboard Measuring Impact of Countywide Initiatives  

The Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) is excited to debut the new DCHS Dashboard that takes a detailed look at the programs and initiatives funded by the department, and the residents reached countywide. DCHS provides resources and services for the more than 2.3 million King County residents. The team at DCHS connects people to housing, behavioral health supports, youth and young adult education and employment programs, and engages providers who will best serve veterans and seniors and assists people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead full lives. 

We are proud to show you our work! 

This dashboard focuses on people who participate in DCHS-administered programs and activities, providing information about the participants, including where they live, and how they access services. DCHS plans to update the dashboard with new programs, funding, and impacts by the end of the year. Together, this information shows how DCHS is working in partnership with the community to advance equitable opportunities for people to be healthy, happy and connected to community. 

A first-ever look at combined data across multiple service areas 

This inaugural DCHS dashboard, provides information on programs and activities funded through three of the department’s taxpayer-funded initiatives: Best Starts for Kids Levy (BSK), MIDD Behavioral Health Sales Tax (MIDD) and Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL). By 2025, DCHS expects to have a deep analytical view of all five department divisions and the people who participate in services managed by DCHS, as well as how services impact individuals and advance equity across the county.  

The goal behind this dashboard is to provide a more consolidated look at taxpayer-funded initiatives, highlight the interconnectedness of human services work, and better understand our impact throughout the region. 

The dashboard represents years of work 

In 2018, DCHS started the process to construct this new, integrated look at data. Over the past few years, the department embarked on developing a new data system, establishing an accountability framework, and building a collaborative cloud-based workspace to ensure safe and secure data analysis. 

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