King County to receive more than 250,000 supplies donated by Amazon for facilities in response to COVID-19

Amazon will donate more than 250,000 items such as linens, towels, shelf-stable food, entertainment items and other supplies to four King County sites supporting patients in temporary housing for quarantine, isolation and recovery due to COVID-19.

Earlier this week, Amazon delivered donated supplies to help transform the former Econo-Lodge in Kent into temporary housing for incoming patients. As each facility site is transformed and Amazon deliveries arrive, King County employees will unload and unpack boxes of bedding and relief supplies to put together welcome kits for incoming patients.

Amazon’s relief supplies before unpacking

We are very grateful to the King County staff, including our Department of Community and Human Services folks who came out and volunteered to help set up these spaces. The site is for community members who cannot isolate and quarantine in their own homes, and our goal is to make every guest feel welcome, safe and supported during their time away. Each guest will have a welcome kit, a hygiene kit and other supplies for entertainment and to make their stay more comfortable.

We are in a critical time where residents, businesses and all levels of government need to come together to help one another remain safe and healthy. We thank Amazon for showing up for the community when we reached out for help. Our King County community is diverse and vibrant. Still, there is, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation about coronavirus, which has lead to people adopting unproductive and sometimes dangerous attitudes and actions. We cannot accept this.

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Amazon donates to Kent isolation and quarantine facility

Help us interrupt the stigma by staying informed through reputable sources. Raise awareness about COVID-19 without increasing fear or negative behaviors. Show compassion and support for those most impacted by the situation. Thank and support healthcare workers and first responders, the people in the service industry who are keeping our day running, and make sure to stay in touch (not literally) with friends and relatives. We can observe social distancing while remaining connected in safer and positive ways.

We can do our part by following these resources for accurate information on COVID-19: