988 is Now Live, King County Recommends People Still Call the Regional Crisis Line 

As of Saturday, July 16, the new 9-8-8 crisis lifeline is live. The new number replaces the existing National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and creates an easy-to-remember number nationwide for people to call for mental health emergencies. This new national line is an important step toward strengthening and transforming the crisis care continuum in the U.S. …

King County deepens behavioral health investments in our region  

King County has long recognized the need to further invest in our behavioral health system. The reality is, behavioral health is undervalued and stigmatized, but the pandemic has revealed how many people across the country are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, and other severe mental health challenges. The Department of Community and Human Services (DHCS) is committed to working with community-based providers, peers or those with lived experience, and state and city governments to expand programs and services that help reduce stigma and connect individuals to treatment that is available where and when they need it.