Need support to isolate or quarantine? King County is here to help.

Isolation and quarantine are important to help keep the community healthy by containing illness. It can also be hard, especially for those living with multiple family members with a vulnerable family member at home, residents in a group or shared living facility, elders who may not have support, or anyone who does not have a home.   

To help during the COVID-19 crisis, King County quickly established a number of safe, clean and comfortable places for community members to isolate, quarantine and recover from COVID-19.   

Available to anyone who can’t safely self-quarantine or isolate in their own home or doesn’t have a home, the below infographic shares more about the services and care guests can expect at King County’s COVID-19 isolation and quarantine centers.  The infographic is also available in 9 other languages on Public Health

For additional information about King County’s Isolation/Quarantine and Assessment/Recovery Centers please visit DCHS’s COVID-19 Response page.