King County selects operator for Redmond Health Through Housing

Ground floor view from inside the newest Health Through Housing property – a 35-unit building providing permanent supportive housing to QT2BIPOC residents.

Today, King County Department of Community and Human Services announced the selection of an operator for the Health Through Housing (HTH) building in Redmond. The building now moves into the next phase of implementation before welcoming people in early 2024.

The Salvation Army will provide 24/7 onsite operations at the building beginning in 2024. The Salvation Army is a long-standing regional provider of emergency shelter and long-term housing assistance. Throughout the COVID-19 emergency, The Salvation Army worked directly with King County on emergency relief and continues to be a partner in serving people experiencing, or at risk of, chronic homelessness.

“This is an exciting step for the Health Through Housing initiative and our ability to move toward bringing 1,600 people into long-term housing throughout King County,” said Leo Flor, DCHS Director. “Health Through Housing is a regional approach to address chronic homelessness, and it will take all of us from around the region to be a part of the solution. The City of Redmond continues to be a great partner in securing the positive impacts this initiative can and will provide. We look forward to our continued partnership with The Salvation Army and know this collaboration will be successful for the long run.”

The organization brings deep expertise in creating stability for people experiencing homelessness through strategies, including street outreach and diversion, utility and food assistance, housing programs, and connection to integrated physical and behavioral health care. The Salvation Army will begin hiring staff to provide a range of 24/7 services and support for the new residents. The operator, alongside King County and the City of Redmond, will also engage with local area residents, city leaders, and businesses before occupancy.

King County, City of Redmond, and The Salvation Army will work together on community engagement by creating a Community Advisory Group next month. The Salvation Army will lead a meet and greet in late October with nearby businesses to start engaging the community.

Last year, the Redmond Health Through Housing building was used to temporarily provide a place for refugees to stay from Afghanistan. From May through December, nearly 800 refugees received temporary housing, resettlement support, and connection to community. Of those who participated, 97 percent secured permanent housing. 

To date, King County has secured 1,366 rooms and served 803 people in Health Through Housing buildings across six jurisdictions. The Redmond site will expand stable housing options to approximately 100 more individuals. King County anticipates additional building openings in 2024.

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